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New 2018 Smoke Alarm Legislation compliance to keep your home safe.  McGregor Electrical is an authorised contractor to update your fire alarms to ensure your are compliant.



Bought a new space?  Need someone to wire it up fast and efficiently for you?  We have the experience to do it right. Click here to book a call back. 



We like to make the world a little bit brighter with our creative lighting designs and solutions. Contact us so we can light up your life.



We want to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Fast, friendly, quality installations. Contact us to find out about our specials.



Lets make the sun power our property by harnessing the suns rays. Contact us to find out about the different options available for your home or business. 



Whatever your heart desires, electrically that is. Do you need your new apartment building wired, your factory upgraded or your family home modernized?  We have the experience and know how to get the job done.

About "ME"
McGregor Electrical

McGregor Electrical is about one bright spark with a vision of delivering quality electrical work with a friendly flair. Kurt McGregor, the director and man on the tools, has 26 years of experience in essentially every electrical platform. 

Kurt started his electrical journey in the world of Industrial electricity with a bit of fibre optics on the side. From there he went to new industrial builds to commercial infrastructure to new shop builds.


Kurt didn't skip the residential market and this bright spark has some great lighting solutions and keeps up to date on all his legislation requirements to keep your assets powered. Yep chances are if you are in South East Queensland and are driving through a tunnel, riding on a GC light rail, turning on your lights in a new apartment building or drinking water courtesy of the Desalination plant, Kurt was the guy who helped you experience that.  


From commercial high rises to domestic rewires, McGregor Electrical has the experience to ensure your experience is a good one. 


Call McGregor Electrical today on 0404 197 205 and let us share our wealth of electrical experience with you.


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